Voodoo Doll

Dice RollsEdit

As you can see from Voodoo Doll's Dice Rolls, he gets you one chance for +1 Quiddity, two chances for +2 Quiddity, one chance for a Level 1 Summon, one chance for a Level 2 Summon with a * Burst, and one chance for a Level 3 Summon.


Voodoo Doll
Cost 5
Glory 2
Description After your Attack phase, destroy all Creatures that were assigned damage but not destroyed by your attack.
* Burst Voodoo doll has no other additional ability.

Strong Voodoo Doll
Cost 6
Glory 2
Description When Voodoo Doll is destroyed, you may cull one Basic Quiddity die to return Voodoo Doll to your Ready Area (for free). Voodoo Doll can only be assigned damage once per player turn.
* Burst When Voodoo Doll is summoned, you immediately capture one available Assistant from the Wilds and add it to your Ready Area (level 1 face up) for free. This does not count as your capture for the turn.

Mighty Voodoo Doll
Cost 6
Glory 3
Description If Voodoo Doll is destroyed by an opponent's attack, reduce the remaining attack total against you to 0.
* Burst When Voodoo Doll is summoned, re-roll all Voodoo Doll dice in your Spent and Used Pile.

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