Awesome socks, I finished all the card pages and did a few other edits. I need to get to the Main Page and change the picture's caption though. Its just sitting there saying "main page photo"...and that doesn't sit well with me. It should say something like "Quarriors! Dice Game" or something like that.

Copy this from the News Section:

Finished all card pages. Check out all the Spell Cards, Basic Cards, and Creature Cards. Tomorrow I'll finish up the random pages like Active Pool, Ready Area, Used Pile, Quiddity, editing all Category pages, and what ever else I can think of before I start adding sections for Tips and Strategies, and possibly possibly adding a Review section.

We are at exactly 35 pages, and I can only think of 4 more to add really for the basics, so I need to think of one more so I have exactly 40 pages...I want to hit that mark before posting it on BGG at least. Then I'll probably get helpers from there.

On a separate note, I should probably make a post on my main blog, but I helped my wife move here pottery studio over the weekend and it was a killer on my back. Glad we are getting her going though. Hope to get some more catchup work done on the Dominion Wiki as well since it was kind of abandoned by the Creator and editors. If only I had Admin Privelages there, I'd revive it from the dead.