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  • Knatebaker

    Finished all cards!

    October 24, 2011 by Knatebaker

    Awesome socks, I finished all the card pages and did a few other edits. I need to get to the Main Page and change the picture's caption though. Its just sitting there saying "main page photo"...and that doesn't sit well with me. It should say something like "Quarriors! Dice Game" or something like that.

    Copy this from the News Section:

    Finished all card pages. Check out all the Spell Cards, Basic Cards, and Creature Cards. Tomorrow I'll finish up the random pages like Active Pool, Ready Area, Used Pile, Quiddity, editing all Category pages, and what ever else I can think of before I start adding sections for Tips and Strategies, and possibly possibly adding a Review section.

    We are at exactly 35 pages, and I can only think of 4 more to add…

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  • Knatebaker

    Getting Bigger...

    October 21, 2011 by Knatebaker

    Made some good headway on Card pages today. All Basic cards and Spell cards are done, and uniformly as well. I also finished off about 4 more creature pages and made the rest uniform in layout as well.

    We are over 30 pages! And over 60 pics! My goodness. I wonder when I should let people on BGG know...

    Have a good weekend all! I'll make some minor edits here and there tomorrow and Sunday, otherwise don't expect much til Monday!

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  • Knatebaker

    Quarriors! stock images!

    October 19, 2011 by Knatebaker

    Well, I went ahead and visited Quarrior's artist J. Lonnee's website and blog (who's links can be found under the Recommended Sites section on the main page) and I got a bunch of the original art stock he used for the cards. This fits perfect with the wiki as they can be uniform in size and won't confuse poor newbs who look at the card images I had up before. This also allows me to make separate pics of the die rolls to explain those in further, less confusing detail.

    Almost 20 pages! But not. I'll get 'em tomorrow. I've also written on the Wiki Header makers page in hopes of getting a header image for this Quarriors wiki. Hoping to hear back soon. Seeya tomorrow!

    PS: I did write an entry on my other blog. OAH.

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  • Knatebaker

    New News...or something

    October 19, 2011 by Knatebaker

    I should probably post a new entry on my other Blog today.

    Anyway, in between actually working at work, playing Words with Friends over Android with some work buddies, emailing demotivational posters to coworkers, and texting my wife, I've actually managed to create and edit this wiki! The game Quarriors! is quite an interesting one. I'm hoping to get some more pages done today as my work at work will only take a few hours at most. I've edited my profile and user page, added a photo or two and added Categories! I'm at like 300 points or something. I hope I win a prize.

    Anyway, its cold up here in my work area, the heat is most definately not on.

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  • Knatebaker

    Old News

    October 19, 2011 by Knatebaker

    2011OCT18 - Did overhaul on top links, added image background and fixed the Base Game page, started Spell Cards page, added some more images which will be used on upcoming pages for game components like the dice bags, scoring track, and turn order card. Still figuring out which would be the best colors for theme layout.

    2011OCT17 - Created the Creature Cards, Basic Cards, and Spell Cards page as well as edited a few different pages. We've reached 10 pics and 50 edits! Good start. I've also added the page for Questing Wizard as well as made a Creature List. As you can see, I did a major change on the layout to match some Quarriors! colors and also changed the top links to be "Popular Pages - Game List (drop down menu of games) - Creature Lis…

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