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Life Spell card

Dice RollsEdit

As you can see from Life's Dice rolls, it gives you one chance for +1 Quiddity, two chances for +2 Quiddity, and three chances to activate Life's Ability.


Life's Dice Rolls


Life Spell
Cost 4
Description Reaction: Cast this Spell to give all Creatures in your Ready Area +4 defense for the remainder of this turn.

Life Cantrip
Cost 3
Description Attach: This Creature gains +4 defense.

Life Charm
Cost 3
Description Reaction: When you cast this spell, any of your Creatures that are destroyed for the rest of the turn go to your Active Pool instaed of your Used Pile.

Life Incantation
Cost 4
Description Reaction: Cast this Spell to Reduce one Creature's attack to 0 (against all players) for the remainder of this turn.

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