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Deathdealer Original Art by J. Lonnee

Deathdealer or Death Dealer?Edit

In the Base Game of Quarriors, we find that the Deathdealer's name is spelt, well, Deathdealer. However, in the Rise of the Demons expansion, we find that the Corrupted Death Dealer is spelt...Death Dealer. Which is the correct spelling? It has sparked some debate over quite a few forums. However, my answer to this would be that they are both correct. When the already mean looking Deathdealer becomes corrupted...he becomes a Death Dealer.

Dice RollsEdit

As you can see from Deathdealer's Dice Rolls, he gives you one chance for +1 Quiddity, two chances for +2 Quiddity, two chances for a Level 1 Summon, and one chance for a Level 2 Summon.


Deathdealer's Dice Rolls


Cost 3
Glory 2
Description When Deathdealer scores, you may trade Deathdealer for one die from any other player's Used Pile.

Strong Deathdealer
Cost 6
Glory 2
Description When you destroy a Creature, immediately score Deathdealer (place it in your Used Pile). This does not reduce your attack total for the turn.

Mighty Deathdealer
Cost 6
Glory 2
Description The first time a Creature is destroyed while Deathdealer is attacking an opponent, increase your attack total against that player by Deathdealer's attack. Use this ability only once per attack, per player. (This increase is not cumulative, start each attack against each player with your original attack value).

Corrupted Death Dealer
Cost 3
Glory 4
Description If any opponent readies a Spell die, Death Dealer is destroyed.

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