Warrior of the Quay/Deathdealer art

Here is the complete list of Quarriors! Creatures:

Defender of the Pale art

-Ancient Guide (QA)

-Deathdealer (BG/RD)

-Defender of the Pale (BG/RD)

-Demonic Overlord (RD)

-Devotee of the Holy Query (BG/RD)

-Frost Howler (QQ)

-Ghostly Spirit (BG/RD)

-Ghosts of Christmas (XP)

-Gnome Barbarian (QM)

-Heavenly Seraph (QM)

-Knight of Quamelot (QA)

-Lord of the Quarry (QM)

-Manxome Minotaur (QA)

-Mischievous Imp (QM)

-Pink Eye Cyclops (QQ)

-Poison Dart Frog (QQ)

-Primordial Ooze (BG/RD)

-Qladiator (QQ)

-Quake Dragon (BG/QP/RD)

-Quake Dragon Mystic (QQ)

-Quaxos' Eye (QQ)

-Questing Wizard (BG/RD)

-Scavenging Goblin (BG/QP/RD)

-Swarming Pixies (QA)

-Troll Behemoth (QM)

-Voodoo Doll (QM)

-War Pegasus (QA)

-Warrior of the Quay (BG/QP/RD)

-Witching Hag (BG/RD)

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