Dice RollsEdit

As you can see from Corruption's die rolls, it has 1 chance for +1 Quiddity, 1 chance for +2 Quiddity, and 4 chances for casting the Spell.


Corruption Spell
Cost 3
Description Cast this spell to give all Creatures in your Ready Area +1 attack for the remainder of this turn. Gain +1 Quiddity for each Creature you destroy this turn.

Corruption Cantrip
Cost 2
Description Reaction: If a Creature you control was destroyed this turn, cast this spell to give 1 die from your Used Pile to the player who destroyed your Creature, then add Corruption Cantrip to your Active Pool.

Corruption Charm
Cost 2
Description Attach: When this Creature scores, gain +1 Glory for each Corrupted Quiddity die in all opponents' Used Piles.

Corruption Incantation
Cost 6
Description Cast this spell to destroy all Creatures (including yours), remove your Corruption Incantation from the game, and gain 1 Corrupted Quiddity die from the Wilds.

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