The Basic Quiddity card is an odd one as it is the only card in the entire game that doesn't start out with dice as it sits in The Wilds. So what is it there for? For a process called Culling the dice. Culling the dice means to put a die back in The Wilds for every Creature scored that turn. For some strategies, Culling a Basic Quiddity die could save them from over tedious troubles when aiming for specific dice. When you Cull a Basic Quiddity die, you put it on the Basic Quiddity card

Dice RollsEdit

As you can see from Basic Quiddity's dice rolls, you get five chances for +1 Quiddity, and one chance for +2 Quiddity. Simple.


Basic Quiddity Dice Rolls


Basic Quiddity
Cost 0
Description N/A

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